Products and Services

Hydroponic Kits

We are now offering hydroponic kits at $65 ea. With these kits, you can grow up to 9 plants and will receive free consulting through your first harvest! This is our most economical product and is great for learning how to grow hydroponically in the home! Please check out our shop to see more details about this product!

Grow Tower

We have been working diligently on our greatest creation, Pod Farm’s very own tower style aeroponic garden! This tower garden has customizable features and is fully automated! This is a great product if you have little floor space or would like to grow a variety of vegetable types with minimal maintenance. Currently, we are only offering customized orders. Please contact us today about getting a quote for your space!

Community and Restaurant

We are capable of building and maintaining customized hydroponic gardens for year- round growing, and will work within your space to create an edible, and aesthetic garden. We are excited to help restaurants achieve their dreams of using vegetables from their own gardens, and being able to grow seasonal items year round. This service is also great for non-profits, schools or other communities looking to build a hydroponic style garden for teaching and/ or sharing garden vegetables! Request your quote here!

Consulting, Design, Installation and Maintenance

In addition to the products and services listed above, we also can provide consulting, design, installation and maintenance services. If you would like for us to design, but not install one of our gardens, we are able to provide this service to you. Each design starts at $50 (small home) and goes up to $1000 (school/ community garden) depending on complexity. We also provide installation services for each of our designs and will provide discounts when bundled. Once your garden is installed we can also offer maintenance and consulting on your installed gardens if desired. Please fill out this form for a quote!